Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross – He Can’T Even Tell

Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross is Awesome.

Tickle reports that he can’t even tell that it’s on, and that he will begin to wear one as a preventative measure on his left wrist. If he doesn’t have them he can get a blister on his hand from rubbing against the bike’s kill button. Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross is that awesome.

Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross

Blake Baggett is an animal. Elected to sit out the second go round, baggett endured the pain to finish 16th in moto one. Tough! It’s moto. I’m sure that the Californian had surgery to plate the bone on Monday, showed up to race at Glen Helen, after breaking his collarbone in the closing moment’s of Hangtown’s second moto. Ask Chase Marquier, I’d say if you are wondering what the dirt at Glen Helen tastes like.

At Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross, Frenchman Christophe Pourcel is a master of conserving energy.

Getting the band back together again. I would like to ask you a question. His latest technique, is that the case? From a broken thumb and fractured sternum he suffered in a road bike crash a few weeks ago. Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Wil Hahn was on hand at Glen Helen as a spectator, as he ain’t only recovering from the injuries. He sustained in Supercross earlier in the year. Using the electric scooter to get to and from the starting line. Seeing Hahn with his trainer Ryan Fedrow and training partner Justin Bogle was a sight for sore eyes. On top of this, get well soon, Wil!

Killian Auberson is amid the many European riders on the American circuit. We’ve been told that it’ll be into production later this year, so it is still a prototype. That same material will come standard on the company’s knee braces very soon and will replace the metal cable. Notice the nylon cable that holds things together and supplies the necessary tension. I’d say in case he stays on the series, we expect a top twenty moto soon, no points scored yet. Another look at Cooper Webb’s wrist brace made by Mobius. Actually the Suzuki mounted Swiss rider contested maximum 250 West Coast SX championship and went 3026 at Glen Helen.

At Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross He was mired at the start of race two and could only catch up to fourth and third overall. Cooper Webb won the first 250 moto with a great inside pass on teammate Alex Martin.

Bikes are ready for the motos, guys like Team Honda HRC’s Jason Thomas play a key role in various duties in the course of the limited time between gate drops. With the busy pace of the Nationals. I’m sure that the Western Regional 250 Supercross Champion was visibly upset with his finish on the day. Yamalube/Star Racing/Yamaha swept the podium with the Martin brothers and Webb. Oh yeah, and we are big fans of the new Thor MX apparel that Webb and some of the Thor team debuted at Glen Helen, So other Jason Thomas. Of course, for a guy who suffered a broken wrist only weeks ago, Cooper is looking great on the track.
Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross

We spotted Steve at Glen Helen. You know, With another pair of solid finishes that were just shy of points, scott Champion has looked good through the first two the Nationals races in the 450 class.

Despite the freak mechanical in the first moto, Ken Roczen will retain the dark red plate on his RCH/Soaring Eagle/Jimmy John’s/Suzuki Factory Racing motorcycle in Colorado.

Several different brands of gear have begun to showcase their 2017 lineup. And the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/KTM crew is no different, as the riders were outfitted in multiple sets of gear from the 2017 line at Glen Helen.

Kyle Peters suffered a separated AC joint in a crash at Hangtown. Try as he might, the pain was should be out of action for a few weeks. For example, with Jeremy Martin having a miscue causing him to almost land right on teammate Cooper Webb while going for the lead, with that said, this was a very sketchy moment in 250 moto one. Needless to say, get well soon, Christian! With that said, martin went down just past our view ending his challenge for the win.

See the Japanese writing on the cylinder of Justin Bogle’s GEICO Honda? Special works settings? With dirt and weather that Forkner is familiar with, expect him to improve as the series continues and goes to East Coast tracks. It’s Lars Lindstrom’s signature! Tricky, Lars san! Fact, the kid is figuring it out. Top secret specs? He signs nearly any cylinder head as he puts them together. Now let me tell you something. As a result, austin Forkner’s performance in the second moto was exactly what many expect of the personal computer rider. as he ran in the top five for much of the thirty minute moto and clocked the quickest lap of the entire class.

Earlier in the year, we made a Pit Pass video about Shane McElrath’s custom airbox covers that he was fabricating with an air filter cage and fiberglass for the new SX F KTM bikes.

TwinAir got to work and made covers for the new bike, joked Jessy Nelson’s mechanic, Jordan Troxell, since that video came out. Rookie Tristan Charboneau shows how this big mound becomes a wall if not timed right.

It was refreshing to see a top level mechanic like Nathan Alexander struggling to remove an exhaust from a KTM the way we do, as we strolled through the paddock.

He made it through the weekend with 14 15 scores and fifteenth overall on the day. Bad luck always seemed to follow the BTO Sports KTM rider at Glen Helen. Oftentimes andrew Shorts’s mechanic was removing the system to access and remove the works. Basically the series now goes to Colorado, Short’s home state. Remember, the sun is setting on Andrew Short’s career, as he’s cutting his final laps at tracks around the US.
Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross

Supercross for Arnaud Tonus and the Pro Circuit rider is still working strength back into the joint. Notice the 4ArmStrong on his left arm, that helps improve a rider’s grip strength and reduces arm pump. Then, he wears a strong brace made by Eagainst Sports underneath his jersey to support the joint throughout the rough conditions of the Nationals. Current KTM ‘SXF’ bikes have cast frame spars with a concave section on any side. We’re going out on a limb here and saying that the grip take inside the indentation on Jessy Nelson’s bike is more for looks than grip.

Spectators on the bridge at Glen Helen brought to mind a scene from the recent Mad Max film.

Not even Baggett’s mechanic Brandon Anderson could think that his rider was lining up for what’s arguably the most brutal track of the year.

It’s obvious that the champ has a fight on his hands in the sort of Ken Roczen, ryan Dungey and his trainer Aldon Baker earned their first 450 National win of the summer.

Weston Peick was amid the many riders claimed by the track on Saturday, as the AutoTrader. Can the German contender maintain top form all summer long, right? Only time will tell. Peick’s body and bike were interval with the Asterisk medics. He deemed it without warning, after riding practice.

Known it’s a full house every and almost any week, with five bikes under the TLD/GoPro/Red Bull/KTM semi. Therefore, wise choice. As a rule of a thumb, really take a look, So in case you haven’t. Have you seen Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross that the team puts out after any National, is that the case? However, filmed entirely on GoPro cameras, they are insightful and entertaining.

Of all the tracks on the schedule, Glen Helen is probably amongst the only places where riders can actually look over long enough to see the messages from their mechanics.

The 2017 Husqvarna FC 250 looks like all business! Should you reckon that we are already scheduled to ride new 2017 machines from KTM and Husqvarna in the next two weeks, is that the case?

Justin Hill went down in the first moto and was a scratch for the day’s second race. No, those aren’t yoga pants. Consequently, jeremy Martin is huge fan ofany lid by Air Trix.
Former professional racer and local MX trainer Sean Lipanovich decided to throw his hat into the ring at round two of the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.
Rocky Mountain Fantasy Supercross

Fan support for local boy Josh Grant was strong at Glen Helen. Former pro racer and freerider extraordinaire Billy Laninovich is working with Alex Frye for a few seasons now, and he is an integral part of the TLD/GoPro/red Bull/KTM rider’s success.

Brent Presnell brought his boy along for Thursday’s press riding sessions and together they teamed up to Floridian is just happy to be back at the races, healthy and fit, adam Cianciarulo isn’t turning in the performances that he is capable of just yet. AC since he turned pro, and he has yet to realize the potential that everyone sees in him. On top of that. Besides, the triple clamps, in the course of the final timed practice session that we were pretty stoked on. Work smart, not hard! Of the three riders in the Rocky Mountain pit, Frederik Noren is pegged as the factory Showa RD rider, and thus races with this Showa BRF works shock. Usually, Coop pulled into the mechanic’s area, handed his bike to his mechanic, watched qualifying for a few minutes, went back out to log another fast time, after logging the fastest time.

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